fastest growing Take advantage of the cheapest Voice and Data Tariff in Sierra Leone . QCell to QCell is Le300/Min and QCell to Other Networks is Le400/Min.. fastest growing QCell is the fastest growing mobile operator na Salone. 100% Data Bonus Enjoy the Cheapest 100% Data Bonus with the longest validity On Tuesday, Friday & Sunday. dial *303# and reply with 1 now. Cheapest Tariff Take advantage of the cheapest Tariff na Salone , QCell to QCell = Le590/Min , QCell to Others = Le590/Min. On-net Bonus Enjoy 10% On-net Bonus on any recharge you do with QCell , Bonus is valid for 7days. Swimming fish Always remember to be part of QCell, you must come with a Valid I.D card to pick up a SIM from any of our Customer Care Shops in the country.

Other Services


Call Me Back Service

Just what if you totally run out of credit, out of cash and you’ve already used up your Tros Mi credit? Well, you don’t have to panic because QCell’s CALL ME BACK Service enables you to send a message to someone asking them to call you back- even when you have Le0.00 in your account.

Procedure: Dial *444*3xxxxxxx#
Example: *444*31001008#


Credit Transfer

When you want to send credit for someone that has ran out of credit, or you want to gift a loved one some credit to enjoy QCell's affordable products and services!
Be confident because QCell’s CREDIT TRANSFER Service enables you to send a transfer credit to another QCell Line with ease without no transfer FEES unlike Others.

Procedure: Dial *141*3xxxxxxx*AMOUNT#
Example: *141*31001008*1000#


Last Call Info

Ever wonder if its possible to query your last Three call info ?
QCell customers will be able to check / query their last three calls , duration and associated cost unlike OTHER OPERATORS.
A QCell subscriber will at ease check his/her last call info with ease.

Procedure: Dial the *102# using USSD Command
Example: *102#


SMS Notification

Wondering if it is possible to deactivate your QCell line to stop receiving promotional SMS from QCell? Yes it is very possible to do by yourself.

Procedure: Dial any of the below USSD Commands

  •  *141*1*1# Turn on SMS
  •  *141*1*0# Turn off SMS
  •  *141*2*1# Turn on AOC
  •  *141*2*0# Turn off AOC


Call Conferencing

An Opportunity for QCell subscribers to be able to make conference calls , i.e calls up to 6-way calls based on privileges .

Procedure: provided your handset supports conference calling

  •  SIM Premium - 6 way
  •  SIM Economy - 3 way


 Customer Care: 111   Check Balance: *101#   Buy Bundle: *303#   Know Your Number: *160# 

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