Press Release

QCell Launches 4G LTE in Freetown.

In the ceremony held yesterday 11th March 2021,at the youyi building back of Miatta Conference Hall in Freetown, QCell, one of the faster growing telecoms companies in Sierra Leone, has launched a new communication service known as the 4G-LTE product. Q-Cell Sierra Leone’s values and mission are revealed in its tagline ‘SALONE PRIDE’ and its slogan ‘We INNOVATE AND INSPIRE OTHERS TO FOLLOW’.

The symbolic launching of the new product was done by Ambassador Joe Blell, and demonstration of the use of the service was undertaken by QCell’s technical staff. The demonstration which last for ten minutes, the stakeholders and public were educated on how the new service could be used. The products ensures the highest speed in the use of internet and other communication services.

The service can now be accessed by customers in Freetown and the Northern towns of Lungi which hosts the country’s international airport. It is hoped that within few months, the service would be extended to other parts of the country.

The same charges one pays for the 3G also applies for the use of the new product(4G LTE). In the initial period following the launch of the new product, Q-Cell customers would enjoy a discount rate. Speaking at the ceremony via audio recording, the Group Chairman FOR Q-Cell, Mr Mohamed Jah, University of Sierra Leone said the service was launched to ensure speed in the use of internet.

Mr Jah told the audience that the people of Sierra Leone whose internet has always been at the heart of the company’s operations deserved the best technology.

In his contribution, Chief Executive Officer for QCell, Karthik Jayamani assured Sierra Leoneans that the launch of the new product marked a new dawn in the telecom industry.

The launch, he went on , would also change the people’s way of using their smart phones . The CEO also used the launching ceremony as an opportunity to announce the new QCell Code number 032. He called on the public to go for the new numbers adding that the company worked to reduced the cost of the people. The donation of thousands of face masks to different ministries, departments and agencies of government also formed an important parts of the occasion.